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Energy cleansing and healing

In some places energies from the past are present; for instance the soul of a person who died there, or emotional energies of something that  took place.
So called haunted houses also fall into this category.
Living in such a place can seriously bother you.
In many cases it is the children who first sense something is ďin the airĒ; children are often more sensitive to these energies.

Simply put:
You canít seem to be able to feel at home in your own house, even though you have tried many different things. Itís as if you are  being  sabotaged.

Some of the signs:

- the children are fearful, they may have sleeping problems and there are certain areas in the 
  house or the garden they rather avoid,                   
- you feel as if you are being watched,
- frequent misunderstandings and disagreements, seemingly out of the blue
- things break/fall down, electrical devices frequently suffer from interference
- inexplicable sounds/ noises,
- an overall sense of discomfort when you are at the house, or in certain areas of the house and
- (domestic) animals are sensitive; they may be nervous, possibly have trouble being cleanly,
- the garden wonít grow, although youíve done several things to improve  conditions,
- when a shop is concerned: despite having met all conditions, business is not as well as might be
  expected: few customers visit, or when they do they are quick to leave without buying
- in a working environment: things tend to go wrong, and the employees often suffer from
  headaches,  or other (physical) discomforts,
- in the case of a property that doesnít get hired  out or sold: there may be energies present that
  need cleansing before new people and new  plans want and are able to settle. 

What are the effects of a cleansing?  

An energy cleansing is like a fresh breeze blowing through house and ground.
It creates room: the room you need to be able to ground yourself, room for the possibility of new choices and directions, or to become aware of what is blocking you internally.

The period of time it takes for the effects to be noticed can vary: it may be within several days, weeks or sometimes months.
A place also has a soul, an essence, and its own pace to re-generate after the old has been removed.
energy cleansing
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